MANAGE YOUR PRIORITIES Better to Balance Your Life in the Long Term w/ Ashley Simon

Sep 14, 2021

Welcome to episode 11 of the Mindful & Driven podcast! It’s all about how to not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing your dreams.

Episode 11’s guest is ​Ashley Simon. She’s the director of creative marketing at Medium. She’s in charge of the strategy of several hundred thousand writers on the massive online writing platform. Over her career, she’s worked at MTV, Foursquare, and Upworthy before spending some time as a marketing consultant. On top of all of this, she’s a qualified yoga instructor and mother of one and soon-to-be two children. There are some really good analogies out of this interview. Pay particular attention to the dresser story, where Ashley explains the importance of shuffling your priorities to achieve balance In the long term. I think many people can relate.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How to manage your priorities in life.
  • Why it’s important to prioritize.
  • How to prioritize your life.
  • The right way to set priorities and goals.
  • How to deal with urgency.
  • How to decide what areas of your life you should prioritize.
  • How to change your priorities in life.
  • How to change your priorities at work.
  • How to set the right priorities.
  • How to be more mindful about your life and business goals.


  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Thoughts about balance (2:04)
  • Putting yourself first is unhealthy (5:15)
  • Nurture vs exploration (9:04)
  • Dialing the work back and relationships (14:57)
  • Work and life balance (21:44)
  • What is one thing that I could let go of now? (23:31)
  • Relaxing is productive (26:19)


Intro Music:
“Himalayas” by Mona Wonderlick —
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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