I will write exceptional articles in your voice to resonate with potential customers, employees and investors.

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Why work with me?

Out of over 100,000 writers on who joined in 2020 or later, only Barack Obama grew to 50K followers before me.

I’m the editor of a Top 10 Medium publication called Entrepreneur’s Handbook with 4 million annual views.

I was a technology consultant for 7 years and before that I worked at the Bank of England. I know what I’m talking about when it comes to business and tech.

Written over 200 article for over 50 clients.


Articles Written


Startups Served


Client Satisfaction

Expert Level

$1 Per Word

500 words min.

  • High quality in your voice
  • Tech and entrepreneurship speciality
  • Two rounds of edits
  • Can repurpose existing information (e.g. talks) or be original 
  • (Optional) Call per 1000 words
  • $500 new client onboarding fee

I only work with clients where I am aligned with their mission and the minimum total project value is at least $5000.


It leads to the best results for everyone.


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